Trooper’s blog #1 - Prologue

17:00 July 25th, 2009. I was swimming through the crowded floor of the San Diego convention center to find my next rendezvous. I finally found my friend and producer Joseph Chou escorting another gentleman. The gentleman (which is the perfect word for it) had a very calm demeanor but with a hint of charisma and he bowed to me in a casual yet formal Japanese style. After the formal greetings (the usual Japanese name cards exchange), he opened his laptop and showed me a sneak peek – which was way more than just sneak peek – of a space battle sequence and explained passionately about what he would be able to do. That’s how I met Mr. Shinji Aramaki. He’s one of the best anime directors and is known for the great action direction and futuristic mechanical designs seen in Appleseed, Ex-Machina, and Halo Legend.

For the first time, the dream of producing a CGI film of Starship Troopers started to feel like it could become a reality; still the road ahead was far from paved. You will soon hear about the bumpy journey to make this happen and I can’t wait to share this final, most exhilarating leg of the journey…but that will have to wait until my next blog!

To share a little fun right now, I am going to give you a quick glimpse behind the curtain. We had several ideas about the teaser poster design and the director sketched around 10 different ideas on his iPad. I personally witnessed him drawing one at lunch time during our motion-capture session right in front of me!  It was amazing to see this master draw something so casually and so fast.

Although we felt this look of a starship pierced by bug claw in this photo was very iconic, we ultimately went in another direction. We really want this installment of the Starship Troopers franchise to be known for its action, grit, and mind-blowing space battles. So we then asked an elite illustrator to come in and create this haunting, for-the-fans poster.  His name is Mr. Hidetaka Tenjin – check his work out at . Hope you like the great artistic details and lighting.

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